What to know after an Accident

There are several things that you need to know after you have had auto accident. Maybe you have question on the next step you should take. Ask yourself these questions….

Do I have new aches and pains that weren’t there before my accident?

Do you know the best kind of care to get after my accident?

Do I know ALL the benefits my auto insurance offers me?

Do I need legal advise?

Is there any advantage to seeing this doctor or that doctor?

Truth is, after an auto accident we don’t always know what questions to ask or where to find the answers to the ones we do have. We are here to help.

New aches and pains

Pain is a good indication that everything is NOT all right. We might feel good for a couple of days after an accident, but then little things start to bother us. Maybe we start having a mild headache or our shoulders or neck feel a little stiff. When these symptoms start, it is a good time to have them checked out. Medical Doctors will give you medications that will decrease the pain, but they are not addressing the real issue, the injury. Research shows that a simple rear-end accident at low speed, say 4 mph, creates almost 5x the force of gravity (5 G’s of force) through your neck. This is the comparable to what a fighter pilot might experience. At 6 mph, you experience nearly 9 G’s of force when rear-ended.

The force that is experienced is what creates the injuries you feel. With sudden and unexpected forward motion our neck is ‘whipped’ into an unnatural shape causing muscular and ligament damage and strain. This damage to your body manifests in neck pain, inability to turn your head one side or the other, headaches, jaw pain and shoulder pain, just to name a few. If you have experienced these symptoms after an auto accident you know they are not fun. They make the things you enjoy doing less enjoyable and often effect your other activities you participate in. You might notice that you are having trouble thinking clearly, or you are getting more frequent headaches without a real reason.

Treatment options

Treatment for injuries include a multitude of possibilities. We believe that in order to recover from our injuries we need to restore the motion of our bodies to normal, improve function and remove the strains placed on our bodies. Unfortunately, medications do none of these. Fact is, when you take the medications prescribed by your medical doctor, you are only covering the pain, but do nothing to fix the problem. On top of that, you run the risk of dependency on these medications. Then what happens when you are out of medication? Do you get more medication because the pain returned? We at Advanced Injury Rehabilitation treat the root of the problem. We restore correct motion to the joints, decreasing pain and stiffness. We strengthen the muscles that are damaged to help them repair and function properly and we do this without the use of toxic chemicals.

Auto Insurance Benefits

The best way to know what benefits you have after your accident is to contact you insurance agent. Make sure to ask them about your Personal Injury Protection that is mandatory on all Utah auto insurance policies. They should tell you about your maximum coverage amounts and the best options in getting and they can often recommend you to a chiropractic physician in your area. You should know that medical care is expensive and Personal Injury Protection is usually set at $3000 minimum, leaving any extra charges as your responsibility. Therefore, we recommend that you contact you insurance agent today and increase this to $10,000 or even $25,000 coverage. In most cases, it increases you monthly insurance payment only a few dollars, rarely above $10 per month. We would love to see you in our office as we are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and treatment options, we even work directly with your auto insurance to remove any added stress from you.

Legal Advise

Legal advise is often needed when the accident is not your fault or if your injuries are greater than your Personal Injury Protection coverage. Remember that Utah has a minimum of $3000 coverage on most auto insurance policies leaving the extra as your responsibility. However, in the case that your injuries are greater than expected, legal council is often recommended. They fight for you to make sure that the responsible party for your injuries cover your needs. Just be aware that most insurance agencies have adjusters, lawyers and others working for them to save costs to their company. You need someone who knows the game and will help you avoid the common traps employed by companies to save them money and cost you more. If you have been injured in an accident, check with us for referral to a trusted law professional.

Which doctor to chose?

When it comes to your auto accident, not all doctors are created equally. Medical doctors are needed for the more urgent injuries such as lacerations and internal injuries where blood is involved, however for a moderate auto accident they might not be the best choice. We believe that a medical doctor plays an important part in helping you feel better, but their treatment of choice is usually medication or surgery. Medications can lead to dependency, toxicity and usually have side-effects that are often worse than that of the injury. There is no guarantee that your You want a simple solution to a pressing issue, but medication is a bandage in most cases, it covers the problem but doesn’t fix the injury. Their other option is surgery. This is not only unnecessary in most cases, but it leads to longer recovery time and greater expense to you and your family. Lost time from work, weeks of recovery and you are not able to perform at your fullest for several months afterward. Our choice of treatment doesn’t involve either of these. Sure, on severe cases we may send you to a medical doctor, but we work with the root of the problem, we find where the injury is and provide the needed care to restore motion, decrease the strains on the damaged tissues and promote lasting relief. Call us at 801-317-4757 for a free consultation.

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