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Chiropractor Ogden UT Peter Raether


Peter Raether D.C.

My name is Dr. Peter Raether (Pete). I have been a chiropractor since August, 2000. I have followed in the footsteps of my father and brother in choosing chiropractic as my career. I took a detour early on and got a degree in statistics, good thing I am using that. I don't look at chiropractic as my job, or career for that matter, I look at it as a lifestyle. I truly love my profession!

I started my career in the town I grew up in, New Holstein, WI. After six years I went on my own and worked a practice in the Milwaukee, WI area. My dream, however, was to live in Utah since about 2004. My yearning to live near the mountains lingered on and after waiting almost 18 years my family made the move.

I have been married to my amazing wife, Cassie, since 2002. We have four children: Ella, Claire, Jack, and Carly.

I want prospective patients to know that I will do whatever it takes to figure out their health issues, even if the answer is not chiropractic. I like to say that I have a "toolbox" to help people achieve their health goals. There are many ways to adjust patients. I can use my hands, which is more of the traditional way, or use a less aggressive way by using low-force instruments. I will adjust the adjustment to your liking.

If you are hurting give us a try. Pain isn't a "medication deficiency!" Pain is the body telling you there is something wrong and it can't adapt anymore. Let us help!

I also love helping athletes optimize their body's performance. We can clear those little issues that are inhibiting you from being at your peak!

Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Pete

Chiropractic Ogden UT Jeffrey Rich

massage therapist

Jeffrey Rich

I went to Utah College of Massage Therapy, Professional Massage Therapy Program in 2012 and had a 3.97 GPA, with 100% attendance. I have 10 years of experience. Student Clinic, Mountain Luxury Sports, Custom, Luxury Spa, Franchise, Chiropractic. Emphasis in Anatomy, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Sports, Structural Integration, Trigger Point.

Chiropractic Ogden UT Allen Lawes

Office Manager

Allen Lawes

My name is Allen Lawes and I have owned and managed many businesses such as carpet cleaning, wholesale cars, real estate sales, and life and health insurance sales. I have worked in many customer service roles as well, most recently as a Lead Customer Service rep for SRP, a large electric company in Phoenix Az.

My passion for chiropractic, patient care, and patient health has driven me to have a desire to be involved in the day-to-day operations of a Chiropractic office. I hope to bring even more health and wellness treatment options to the office so we can help more people in our community every day.

I recently relocated to Plain City to be near his children and grandchildren. Me and my family are lifelong Chiropractic patients. I lived in the Centerville area till I was 16 when my family relocated to Gilbert, Arizona. I met his incredible wife, Paula, and we were married in 1995. We have 5 children and 5 (almost 6) grandsons.

In my off time, I enjoy riding motorcycles, hiking, camping, watching movies, and playing games with my family


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