Injury Prevention

Have you ever thought that stretching before you have warmed up your muscles may actually be hurting you. Recent research suggests a mild effort, thorough warm up is more likely to prevent injuries while performing than pre-activity stretching. When the muscles are warm, the muscles and tendons are more pliable, this is where stretching is most beneficial. This simple yet effective change to your exercise regiment may just save you some injuries in the future.

Suffering from sprained ankles is a very common occurrence. Inversion sprains are the most common and occur when you step on uneven surfaces such as the foot of someone else, causing the foot to roll under the weight of your body. Sprains are classified by the severity of the injury. Grade One sprains hurt, but there is little swelling and has no visible bruising, while Grade 3 sprains turn lovely colors and are unstable to use.
In any event, how you treat the sprain may make all the difference in the world.

Immediate care is usually most beneficial so here are some tips:

1) Put ice on the sprain as quickly as possible as this will help decrease swelling and will help control the pain. NEVER use heat on a recent injury as this increases the swelling.

2) Elevate the ankle to help reduce swelling.

3) If you have already begun to swell, leave the shoe on until you can get medical help. Immediate swelling usually is an indication that there is severe tissue damage and you may need x-rays of the bones.

Generally you have a period of time, about 20 minutes, called the “golden period” where pain is minimal this is the best time to ice and seek medical care as swelling is usually minimal. At the end of this period the pain will increase and you may not be able to move as you normally would. It is important that you receive care before this period ends as it will be the most beneficial to you.

Check back soon to see more injury prevention strategies to help you perform at the top of your game.

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