Do you get enough Sleep?

Why do we sleep? Our bodies need to recuperate from the hard work that it must do. Our brain needs to recharge in order to function properly. When we enter REM sleep our brain produces Serotonin. This substance is responsible for the mood we are in, and has links to the prevention of Anxiety and Depression. We all know someone who suffers from depression, wouldn’t it be great if we could reverse it and help restore our friend, family member, partner or spouse to the person we know and love. One such help is to increase the quality of REM sleep.

Research has shown that sleep is one of the most important items for sustain a health lifestyle. As we enter into a deep, restful sleep we produce many substances that help out bodies to rejuvenate. If we toss and turn continually throughout the night we never sustain a restorative REM sleep that our bodies and minds require. We wake after hours of sleep, but we hardly feel rested and rejuvenated. We are drowsy throughout the day, needing more caffeine to keep us alert. We lose interest in the things we use to enjoy and we continue to feel tired. Many turn to medications and sleep aids, but those have nasty side-effects that lead us deeper into depression and can lead to dependency. They are not helping to fix the problem, they are helping to cause the problem.

This endless cycle of limited rest leads us deeper into depression, we withdraw from people and we attempt to sleep more, but to what end? We still toss and turn and never truly receive the deep sleep we require.

So what is it that keeps us tossing and turning? Some would say that it is that we have so much on our minds, while others might contest that it is the something completely different. I would suggest that it might be simply the mattress we sleep on. Many mattresses are available, each with their claims of superiority, but most fail to relieve the pressures placed on the body in specific points where lay. Ask yourself this question. Have you ever waken and felt pain in your neck, back or hips or shoulders? If so, you are suffering from the same symptoms as millions of people world wide. Our mattresses place pressure on our bodies as we lay on our sides or on our backs. Our body needs even support without the severe pressure that is placed on our shoulders, hips, back and neck.

Every mattress manufacturer does pressure testing in an attempt to minimize pressures placed on those common points. Only one has been chosen to be placed in medical centers that treat burn victims and those with severe bed sores. Why what this brand chosen? For the same reason that you should chose this brand, it reduces the pressure placed on those common points, decreases pain and leads to a more comfortable and better rest. (Note: Red = Severe Pressure and Increased Pain, Blue = Optimal Pressure)

Dr. Boothe and Dr. Shelton, both agree that IntelliBED mattresses are the best for your back and body, which also increases your quality of sleep.

Pressure mapping shows the difference in the various mattresses. With a decrease in the pressure placed on your body, you toss and turn less allowing your body and mind the REM sleep needed to help combat depression and anxiety.

Stop waking up sore and tired! Get a better nights sleep! You will be glad you did.

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