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Ogden Auto Accident on I-15 Due to Wrong Way Driver

I-15-head-on-collisionThere was a terrible and unfortunate head-on collision right next to our Ogden (Marriott-Slaterville) office last night, Monday, October 20th, around 10 pm. “Bertine hit two vehicles at Pioneer Road (400 North) while driving against traffic for at least 8 miles, Baird said.” This was a very scary and unusual type of auto accident because it involved a driver traveling over 100 miles per hour going the wrong way on I-15. Two people died as a result of this collision last night, one of them was a driver of a van who wasn’t doing anything wrong. Except for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Most of us will be involved in a car accident at some point in our life. Even if we are doing everything right, there is the unknown element of what other drivers will do around us. The statistics show that texting while driving, using your cell phone in any way, drinking and driving, or even being legally medicated increase your chances of being in a serious auto accident. They are all threats that we drive with every day.

High speed collisions as well as low speed collisions (10-15 mph) commonly result in whiplash injuries. With nearly 3 million whiplash injuries reported every year in this country, it is likely that you too may suffer from this injury.

Immediately after a whiplash causing accident, there are a host of varied and common symptoms that you may experience. Some of the more common symptoms include neck pain, headaches, pain at the base of your head, shoulder, and even jaw pain. Other symptoms include but are not limited to numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, difficulty sleeping, irritability, memory loss, personality changes, ringing in the ears, weakness, and concentration issues.

*** Note: It is quite common to have no initial symptoms or very mild initial symptoms resulting in people telling the police officer on the scene and the insurance agent over the phone that “I am fine” only to have symptoms get worse and worse over the next 3 weeks. So if your symptoms are mild, the best advice I can give you is not to comment on how you feel or “if” you are hurt (it is impossible for you to know that so soon) and make an appointment with a qualified doctor who specializes in auto accident injuries who will carefully examine and document your injuries.

The length of time it take to heal from whiplash injuries depends largely on the severity of the trauma to your body and if you are receiving the “proper” treatment for it. A quick guideline for the healing time is as follows: injuries to muscles take a few months to repair, ligament and tendon damage take six months or more, and injuries to your discs can take up to a year to heal.

Whiplash treatment in the Ogden area can be quite diverse. It is essential that you find the right doctor. You need a doctor, who is detail orientated, trained in soft tissue injuries, and who is genuinely concerned about you, not just a pay check. If you go to the ER or your primary care doctor they will do a cursory examination designed to quickly rule out broken bones, concussions, and any other life-threatening conditions. Then they release you with a prescription of pain pills. They concentrate on life and death, not treating underlying musculoskeletal problems that often lead to future pain, degeneration and possibly disability. What you need to understand is that pills do not correct structural or soft tissue damage (in fact they have been proven to increase scar tissue formation and increase your chances of long-term chronic pain), there are specialized therapies designed for treatment of these injuries that some chiropractors will utilize.

There are now hundreds of studies that demonstrate that early manipulation and mobilization have better outcomes than waiting weeks or months to seek chiropractic care. Our treatment goal at Advanced Injury Rehabilitation is for you to get back to your pre-accident state as quickly as possible.

Our office, Advanced Injury Rehabilitation, offers free consultations so there is nothing to lose by coming in to see us, and everything to gain. Don’t let an auto accident disrupt your life, regain your ability to enjoy pain free living again.

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